I. Rodrigo Rodrigues and Jacomina Kistemaker

by Rodrigo Rodríguez and Jacomina Kistemaker
Improvisations with several shakuhachis of Rodrigo and the gongs, monochords, Tibetan singing bowl  and the voice of Jacomina.
The Shakuhachi is a bamboo flute, a sacred instrument in Japan, very difficult to play, which touches very deeply and can help to guide to deep meditation.

Rodrigo Rodríguez
Rodrigo is an internationally renowned flutist, who has studied for years in Japan and other Eastern countries to learn the difficult tecnique of  playing the Shakuhachi, the flute sacred of Japan. He has reached an exceptional depth and purity in the tones he plays, the result of long meditation discipline and years of practice. He plays a wide repertoire of classical Japanese music and his own improvisations.
A delight and a treat to listen to him and a great honor to be play with him.

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II. Luis Paniagua, Gabriel Flain and Kistemaker Jacomina

new ancestral music
by Luis Paniagua alone
A concert of direct communication with the soul, with being that doesn’t represent any particular religion or tradition, only transmitting the universal language of love, truth, beauty and purity.

a creative blending of nature, sound, image, voice, breath and silence
by Luis Paniagua, Gabriel Flain and Jacomina Kistemaker
Is it possible to be and feel peace in a dual world, in a world of contrasts? Our usual way of perceiving life, people and situations is often in contrast. For the acceptance or denial by the magnetism and rejection. It is a light-dark game. What is beauty but the acceptance of this constant flux? A free conversion juicios.Con daylight, we realize that we also receive light and shadows projected. But who watches all this, what we are also observers of this game infinite?, Can we understand that the shadow is passing?, Can we “let it be”?,? Contemplate without identifying with it? Can we see the beauty, feel without wanting to possess? Breathe, vibrate and feel the universe here on earth. A permanent note, ever changing, call vida.En an instant call this, the world takes on a broader meaning and simple. Of infinite beauty of unconditional enjoyment, innocent, full of surprises and answers. An invitation to listen with their eyes and look to the listener. To receive and contemplate beauty around us, within us. A ring, to unite in vibration, in this music-dance called life.

by Luis Paniagua and Jacomina Kistemaker
Luis and Jacomina sharing their dedication to peace, love and beauty in a fusion of voices and instruments, celebrating life.

Luis Paniagua
A musician innate than 15 years and acted with his family of musicians. Well known and valued by the originality, accuracy and depth of his compositions and performances, playing alone or cooperating in theater and dance projects. Multi-instrumentalist and high capacity voice, it was increasingly focused on the essence of sound, silence and meditation, with its mythological lyre and his voice. A musician with great depth and style!

Gabriel Flain
With his camera and sensitivity, perception and beautiful images, manages to capture the peace, beauty and harmony that exists in nature, in everything! We talk from time to time. We just have to open up, feel and look, let us nurture and teach what is … Peace, Harmony.


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III. Nello Chiuminatto and Jacomina Kistemaker

by Jacomina Kistemaker and Nello Chiuminatto

by Nello Chiuminatto and Jacomina Kistemaker

Nello Chiuminatto


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con Luis Paniagua                                                                                                   con Patricia Cottant

con Rodrigo Rodríguez

Nello Chiuminatto

con Thomas Clements