Sound Training for Professionals

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Training aimed at all professionals who want to apply the sound as a complement to their practice, with the aim of expanding health consciousness and the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy, both for one’s self and their customers. Work tools are the Tibetan bowls, gongs Feng, the tingshas (cymbals), the monotone, voice, movement, energy consciousness, creativity and nature.


Three approaches

The Techniques

  • Study of the essence of sound, earth tones in the Universe and listening
  • Analysis of the characteristics, effects and applications of Tibetan bowls, gongs, monochord and tingshas
  • The voice as instrument contact with spirituality, healing and self-knowledge

The Person

  • Professional attitude and human
  • Energy Consciousness
  • Theory and practice of perception, communication and diagnosticsDifferentiation, recognition, induction and guidance through different states of consciousness

Society and the planet

  • The sound changes as a tool for supporting personal, social and planetary
  • Contact and cooperation with the forces of nature


Working method

Learn to apply the sound in professional continuing education is tailored to each of the participants. After practical experience and lessons learned in the Initiation Workshop (Level I), it is possible to enter the Sound Training for Professionals Basic. Both formations are practical, experimental and highly personalized, seeking a balance between mind and intuition. It focuses on the integration of sound and other techniques in personal and professional life of each of the participants. Work tools are the Tibetan bowls, gongs Feng, the tingsha’s (cymbals), the monotone voice and, in addition to integration with nature, energy consciousness, movement and creativity.

Jacomina teaches how to assimilate the basic principles of the techniques applied as base, then to enter into a process of finding specific applications tailored to each participant. Based on the knowledge and experience of Jacomina, create a circle in a spirit of sharing, mutual inspiration and support, leveraging the wisdom of each. An innovative model of teaching and learning for the future. Unique in Spain!

Essential the experience and prior knowledge Initiation Workshop (Level I), an interview with minimally Jacomina and have a bowl of good quality and size.


Sound Training for Professionalss

A. Basic Training
B. Advanced Training

A. Basic Training


  • Project definition and professional staff of each participant
  • Deepening and Broadening of playing techniques and use personal and professional bowls
  • Research characteristics and specific effects of each bowl, unlock and harmonization of the aura, the chakras and body
  • Deepening the use of voice as an instrument of healing: breathing techniques, direction of vibration, tone effects, vocals, words and the name itself
  • Perception and diagnostic techniques through sound
  • Introduction to the use of tingshas (cymbals) and Feng gongs
  • Energy Consciousness
  • Organization of the session and the workspace
  • Practices of professional application of all instruments in the professional field of each
  • Introduction to the use of sound to rituals and to support global changes positively
  • Summary of lessons learned, challenges ahead

Total 60 hours, maximum 12 people

To enter the training experience is essential and previous knowledge Initiation Workshop (Level I) with Jacomina, have at least one bowl of good quality and size and a previous interview with Jacomina.
Although not required, it is advisable to participate in the Deepening Workshop (Level II) prior to participating in the training.

B. Advanced Training


  • Project definition and professional staff of each participant
  • Exchange of experiences and practices with sound
  • Deepening and widening of playing techniques and using instruments and voice, personally and professionally
  • Introduction to using the monotone
  • Expanding the capacity of listening and the use of silence
  • Support group sessions and concerts
  • Choice of instruments for consultations and concerts
  • Introducing new techniques (Eastern and Western) diagnostic and healing energy level
  • Support in the direction of the session, a psychological
  • Movement and body awareness, sensory and energy
  • Applying everything learned in the professional field of each

Total: 30 hours, maximum 12 people
To attend the Advanced Training is essential to have attended the Basic Training for Professionals Sound Jacomina.
In both courses together professionals from different professions. This creates a very interesting exchange and cooperation in general application development and especícicas of sound in different fields.


Meetings of practice and research

Meetings to share, practice and experiment with:

  • knowledge acquired in previous courses and experiences in practice (results, questions and doubts)
  • exchange of new ideas and research and diagnostic applications
  • different ways of performing, the group feedback
  • new approaches Guest, organized according to the needs and interests of the participants.

The meetings of practice and research are very creative and inspiring. Share and investigate people with experience and sound sensitive, can provide valuable feedback and enriching.

To attend, you must have attended the Basic Training for Professionals Sound Jacomina or by invitation.