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NEPAL 2018

February 26th – March 18th 2018   “Drinking from the source”, a journey to Nepal with Jacomina Kistemaker with a course in tibetan singing bowls, voice, tingshas, meditations, concerts, sacred places and the beautiful nature in a trekking in the Himalayan region.

Jacomina is taking again 1 group of máx 12-13 persons to Nepal for a magic and initiatic journey full of sounds and music, meditation, direct contact with her Nepalese friends and visits to some of the projects of het NGO Mitrata Nepal Spain. We travel like pelgrims, the least possible like tourists, conecting as much as posible with the real life of the Nepalies in all their splendor and difficulties. As a touch of gold we go to Pokhara and do a trekking in the awesome nature of the mountains of the pre-Himalayan Anapurna region.
You’re very welcome to travel with me!!!

A resume of the planned activities
– Clases of Sound and Personal Growth with Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas and voice on the Initiation and Profundization level, during the whole journey
– Concerts of Nepali musicians and together with Jacomina in the Music House and hotel Vajra
– An (opcional) class of rythm with local drums, bansuri flute, canto Dhrupad and Nepali tradicional dance by Nepali teachers
– A visit to a singing bowls factory and a singing bowl class with a Nepali teacher
– Visits to sacred and cultural places in Katmandu, Boudhanath, Patan and Bhaktapur
– Visits to some of the projects of our NGO Mitrata Nepal España together with our coordinators there
– Travel to Manaka and Pokhara by land in minibus and back by plane (with opcional short rafting trip)
– 7-days Trekking to the pre-Himalayan mountains of the Anapurna region with porters for our luggage

It’s not necessary to have musical knowledge.
For the trekking you need a good health and condition. We’ll walk on prepared trails and we don’t go above 2.200 m. but it’s going up and down all time. Jacomina will continue her sound-clases during the trekking (as far as posible)

February 26-27th    Travel to Kathmandu
February 28th-March 6th    Activities in Kathmandu Valley
March 7-8th    Travel to Manakamana and Pokhara
March 9-15th    Trekking
March 15th    Back to Pokhara
March 16th    Back to Kathmandu
March 17-18th    Flight back home

– 2.400 € in private rooms with bath included in the hotel in Kathmandu and double rooms during the rest of the journey
– 2.250 € in double rooms with bath included in the hotel in Kathmandu and double rooms during the rest of the journey
– 2.200 € in private or double rooms with common baths outside the rooms in the hotel in Kathmandu and double rooms during the rest of the journey. There are just a small amount of this kind of rooms.

These prices include:
– the teachings of Jacomina and others
– all hotel, food and transport costs of the group
– the trekking with the permits, guides and porters for the luggage
– all tips during the trip, except de final tipping of the guides and porters after the trekking
– all costs of the activities and entrance fees, etc. with the group
– the collective insurance

Not included:
– the costs of the flight to Nepal and back
– the visum (can be bought at the airport in Kathmandu)
– extra costs for private rooms (if available) during the trekking
– costs of private trips or consumptions

INFORMATION AND BOOKING    or    607 687 575 (Jacomina, info about the content of the journey)    or    0034986 687 575 (Isabel, administration, info for inscripcions and general info and travel)