Curriculum Vitae


Psychology, specialty “The development of the adult in its social context” at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands


Complementary Studies

. Co-counseling, Voice Dialogue (Hal and Sidra Stone, Marian van Riemsdijk, Dick Ratering), Focusing (Eugene Gendlin), PNL, the Way of the Heart (Brugh Joy) and Counceling and Spirituality (Paul Lowe and his team)
. Energy awareness techniques, massage (Polarity, Reflexology), Osteopatia biodinamica (Kirill Yarko), meditation and movement (Lauren Matthews-Meditation in Action, Catherine Galbraith-Chevrolet-Micromovement) and art therapy (Olga Arbones)
. Sound therapies with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, monochord, didgeridoo, tuning forks and tingshas (Andrea Groen, Nello Chiuminatto, Erik Karsemeijer, Santa Ratna Shakya, Jorgos Canacakis, Fabien Maman, Terres Unsoeld, Gemma López Canosa, etc.)
. Voice with Navah Tehila Livingstone (Roy Hart Theatre Method), Carme Pujol, Gil Purse, Thomas Clements, Luis Paniagua, José Pérez Pérez, Tata Quintana, Inoue Sou and the Gundecha brothers (Dhrupad singing), Yvonne de Bruijn (Pansori Living Sound) and Gisela Rohmert, Seraina Fischer (Lichtenberger Institute)

in Holland, France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, the United States and Nepal.



From 1977 – 1987, Jacomina integrates her knowledge of psychology, sociology and personal development in the fields of planning, design and renovation of urban neighborhoods and homes in Holland, accompanying and participating in the processes of democratization and emancipation of women, elderly people and others whose voices wanted to be heard and listened to, in those years.
She teaches in Summer Courses at the Universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands.
From 1981 to 1987 she workes as the coordinator of the Foundation Vrouwen Bouwen en Wonen, a network of profesional women to promote and coordinate research and pilot projects of women in Housing and Building. A very inspiring and rich time with a lot of work in politics, publicity in all kind of media, publications and through congresses, cooperation with other organizations, fundraising and counseling.
She also formed part of The Stuurgroep Experimenten Volkshuisvesting, a high level advisory board of representatives of all fields of Housing and Building that cooperated and advised the Ministry of (Volkshuisvesting) Housing and Building, in experimental pilot projects and provided grants, independently and in conjunction with the Ministry, for conducting these experiments.

In 1987 she leaves this line of work to devote all her time to study, organize and participate in trainings of personal and spiritual development.

In 1990 she left Holland for a long journey by sea and land, that led her, in 1991, to Galicia in the North West coast of Spain. Since then, she’s lived there, in the Peninsula de Morrazo, in front of the Atlantic Islands Cies and Once, where she’s set up her own home and centro. Centro Punta de Couso is one of the first high quality centers of Spain. The center is home to her own work and highly valued by other national and international professionals, to give their courses, workshops and trainings there.

Since 1996 she’s focused on researching and teaching the effects of the sounds of tibetan singing bowls, gongs, monochords and voice, on a personal and professional level. All her teachings are very practical and based on an integration of knowledge of Eastern and Western techniques and her own experiences. Jacomina has been and still is a pioneer in Spain with the application of sound and vibration of singing bowls and voice for self-help and personal and spiritual growth. In her work with professionals, she’s specialized in integrating the principles and tecniques of sound in a variety of workfields, such as psychology and psychotherapy, traditional and alternative medicine, body work, meditation and yoga, education, business, art, theater, music and more. Her Sound Trainings for Professionals are unique in Spain for their very practical and spiritual approach, seeking to integrate sound with the profesional knowledge of  each and every participant. During and after the trainings, she encourages them to experiment and create their own way of working from their own life and profesional experience and abilities.
Since 1998 she gives Introductions to Sound and Personal Growth and Sound Training for Professionals, private sessions and concerts throughout Spain and Portugal. Se also has taught in Austria, Vienna, in 2000 and 2001, in the Netherlands and continues teaching in Nepal and Italy.


Special Projects

. In 2003, after the ecological disaster with the oil-tanker “Prestige”, she begins with her “Healing and Peace Concerts for the Sea” in Galicia, Spain and Portugal.
. From 2007 to 2009 she works and teaches the application of sound to professionals working with children with multiple disabilities in the Collegio Bergidium (Ponferrada), Cosamai Occupational Center (Astorga) and Our Lady of the Valley Center (La Bañeza), partially subsidized by the Junta (Government) of León.


As a teacher she has cooperated in:

. A Music Therapy Training in Vigo, in 2001
. A Summer Course at the University of Vic, in 2009
. The post-graduate Program of Nursing at the URV-University of Tarragona, in 2010 and 2011 in cooperation with Neus Esmel, and, in the Program of 2012-2013, also with Jordi Jausset from the University of Barcelona.

. Apart from her concerts in schools and cultural centers, municipal halls and theaters and during fairs like Vigonatura and Biocultura, she has lectured, given workshops and concerts at conferences, seminars and in festivals like the Water Congresses in Ourense and the H2O International Festival in Porto do Son, Galicia, the Harmony Festival and the Alternative Therapies Congress in Barcelona, ​​the Sustainability Forum and the Forum for Peace Education in Galicia, the Healing Sounds Festival in Gredos, etc., working alone and in cooperation with other professionals like Nello Chiuminatto, Gemma Pizarro, Pilar Rodríguez, Luis Paniagua, Alfonso Acero, Michelle Averard, Nestor Kornblum, Thomas Clements, Tata Quintana and Ángelo Surinder.

Since 2009 she’s cooperating, through teachings and benefit concerts, together with Raman Maharjan, with the Mitrata Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal. For more information: and Videos, Benefit Concert Mitrata 2012