Centro Punta de Couso

Centro Punta de Couso, at the end of the Península de Morrazo, in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain, offers a spectacular setting with beautiful views and access at the beaches, forests and mountains of the Atlantic coast and the Rías de Aldán and Pontevedra.
A meeting place, designed to share, stimulate and deepen the encounter,
to listen, feel and look beyond,
to exchange, research and inspire cooperation,
to practice how to walk our talk, together,
in times of peace and joy and in times of change, sorrow and despair.
To live our dreams of a world of respect and love, in the here and now!

In Centro Punta de Couso in- and outdoor spaces harmoniously blend together.
The magnificent exterior is reflected in the beauty, clarity and balance of the forms inside.
Gardens, full of herbs, scents and colours;
large terraces overlooking the Rías Bajas, the Atlantic Islands and the Ocean,
open to the sounds of winds loaded with life and secrets from far away;
constructed, built, decorated and maintaned with materials, respectful to the environment.

Centro Punta de Couso is a wonderful place to reconnect with yourself and everything around you, ideal for trainings, workshops, therapies and intimate concerts. An environment where one can find the seclusion, peace and serenity to go deeper and where the energy of the place “does half the job.”

A place that invites to stop and reconnect with the essence of life.