Jacomina Kistemaker

Jacomina, a Dutch psychologist and the founder and designer of Centro Punta de Couso in Spain, Galicia, dedicated a big part of her life trying to create a more respectful and balanced world through social action. As an integrated part of that, she participated and trained herself in personal and spiritual growth courses in many countries in Europe and in the USA.

In 1987 she leaves her prestigious job as coordinator and national spokeswoman of the feminist Foundation Vrouwen Bouwen en Wonen, that connected profesional women with a great variety of background and training in the world of Housing and Building: Education, Government, Arquitecture, Interior Design, Planning and Urbanization, Transport, Community Organization, traditional and biological Construction, etc., to focus completely on her own personal and spiritual development. Changing the world from within!
In 1990 she droppes everything again, to embark on a long journey by land and sea, twice saling across the Atlantic Ocean, letting go of “teachers”, books and courses, to feel and listen to her own inner truth.

After her father’s sudden death, she finds a new home in Galicia, where she designs and reforms her two houses to create Centro Punta de Couso, a place of magic, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. There, she develops her own way to unite psychology and spirituality through Sound, with Tibetan bowls, gongs, monochords and voice. She shares her knowledge and experience in Sound Trainings for Profesionals who want to integrate sound into their own fields and practices. Beside that, she gives Sound and Personal Growth workshops, thematic workshops with big Tam Tam Gongs, with monochords and developed her own way of working with the voice from within. She also gives private sessions and concerts in Centro Punta de Couso, in other parts of Spain and abroad. Her teachings are based on the integration of her knowledge of Eastern and Western techniques with her own life experience. She’s one of the pioneers in Spain to investigate and use Sound for personal and spiritual growth and for individual and planetary healing.

A path of Presence in the Moment, in every note she sings, in every bowl she touches, reconnecting with Ancestral Sound, diving deeper and deeper into the essence of life …. VIBRATION …. SOUND.