Private Sessions

In the private sessions with the bowls, gongs and the voice, one gets a hour and a half hour “sounds and vibrations-bath”, a massage at a cellular level to support processes of learning, healing and relaxation and can help to reconnect at a deeper level with one’s soul. These sessions are very helpful in a wide range of situations, like emotional imbalances, stress problems, insomnia, hypertension, lack of concentration, autism, menstrual problems, constipation, muscle spasms, Alzheimer, traumas of operations or accident, coma and can help in the process of birth and death, etc. Jacomina works deeply from the heart, combining the sounds of Tibetan bowls, gongs, tingshas, monochords and the voice with various techniques of psychology and personal growth. These sessions are can be combines with other therapies.

Tipes of sessions

. Sound massage, a relaxing bath of sound and vibration at a cellular and energetic level, which aims at at well-being and relaxation
. Sound therapy which contacts on a deeper physical, emotional, mental and energetic level in combination with psychological support

In both cases, the sound and vibrations will go where they are needed. Jacomina, in touch with what is happening on an energy and sound level, will flow with what arises in the moment.

General session

A consultation begins with a talk, to know the reason of the visit. In accordance of the needs of the person, Jacomina chooses how to continue with the session (massage or therapy). In her psychological work she can use techniques like Voice Dialogue, focusing, NLP, energy awareness, co-counseing, bodywork or whatever is necessary in the moment.

In either kind of session (massage or therapy) she will use:
. Tibetan bowls to diagnose, unlock, balance and harmonize the physical body, aura, chakras, meridians and the electromagnetic field
. the big Tam Tam gong (100 cm.) to diagnoze and a deep and quick cleansing of the energy on all levels
. Feng gongs (40-70 cm.) to diagnoze, clean and recharge, and to close the energy field at the end of a session
. the tingshas (cymbals) to unblock more specific points and to harmonize the physical and energetic body.
For example to help people with hearing problems and to help close leaks in the aura of people with dependencies on drugs, alcohol, etc.
. and the voice of the person that comes to a sesion or of Jacomina to expand the effects of the instruments or as an expression of what happens in the moment on a physical or emocional level.

Jacomina will use whatever tecnique needed and will be available for what may arise before, during or after the visit. She’ll give practical tools for self-help and will help the person to see their situation from a distance, what’s happening in their process of personal and spiritual growth.

Duration: aprox. one and a half hour