Meditational Concerts

Jacomina concerts are a collective session, a magical journey guided by the sound as a vehicle of intentionality shared with the public, to support change processes and individual and planetary healing. Work with Tibetan bowls, gongs, tingshas, ​​and monotone voice. On a personal level unlocks, deeply relaxes and eases into other states of consciousness and connect with the essence of oneself.

There are several recordings of concerts Jacomina:

  • The first: The CD “Between Current” / “Merging Currents”, recorded on the basis of the “Concerts for the Sea” after the Prestige disaster, invites further meditating alone or accompanied, for the healing of our water planet and our inland seas. Very relaxing!
  • The second and most recent: The DVD + CD “Peace is a Verb” follows the same line of promoting peace (internal and external) through meditation, harmonic sounds and images. The DVD is not just a recording of a concert but a poem, a dance of images, and expressing intentions Jacomina complete their sounds. A real gem!


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Sometimes there are partnerships with students @ the other professionals like Luis Paniagua, Thomas Clements, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Alfonso Steel, in Spain or Raman Maharjan, and other friends in Nepal.

To see / hear samples: Publications, Vídeos