Introductory Workshop (Level I)

by Jacomina Kistemaker
Tibetan bowls, voice, presence, listening, nature

A comprehensive explanation of the purpose of the workshop and the ideas and principles behind working with Tibetan bowls sound, listening and voice. Includes all exercises, with explanation of the workshop.

A DVD and CD to remind Jacomina teachings,
to inspire you to practice and enjoy the miracle of sound
to let the sound open your hearts and join you in your journey through life,
an invitation to practice the presence in everything you do and think
in relation to all life on this planet Earth.

An educational DVD + CD, complementary to the workshop. The meditations of the workshop are recorded separately on a CD. Only available for participants, who have done the Initial Workshop (Level I), given by Jacomina or by the persons authorized by her. It’s on sale in Centro Punta de Couso, Cangas, Pontevedra, and in places where Jacomina gives her workshops, concerts and meditations. We can also mail it directly home.

This DVD can be acquired by those participants who attend the Introduction Workshop Level 1. You can call our office for information and to request a copy.

“Peace is a verb”

by Jacomina Kistemaker
Peace Concert with Tibetan bowls, gongs, monochord, voice and nature

In “Peace is a Verb”, audible and visual meditations offer to contribute to peace in oneself, the world and the Earth, through awareness, presence, love, and the beauty and harmony of sound and amazing images of Nature. The embrace of the Unconditional Love we receive constantly from the Earth and the Universe, helps us to reach a peace that starts in our hearts. It also makes us see, without fear or guilt, a reflection of our shadow on the other, in what’s happening in the world and with the Earth.

Opening to love and looking inward, we transform our internal wars and begin to radiate peace and love to our bodies, the environment, the world and the Earth. Peace is a commitment to oneself, a decision which is renewed in every moment to acknowledge, embrace and transform our shadow into light and love, so keep this in every action and thought.

Peace is active. Peace is a verb!

“Peace is a Verb” is a DVD / CD to bathe in peace, to relax and enjoy the beauty of the awsome integration of sound and image. Flain Gabriel has managed to reflect peace, beauty, love and harmony of sounds Jacomina in some unforgettable images of nature. A dance of sound and image!

It is on sale in Punta Couso Center in Cangas, Pontevedra, and in places where Jacomina teaches workshops, concerts and meditations. You can also mail it directly to your home.

Composition y sound: Jacomina Kistemaker
Video Production: Gabriel Flain
Sound Production: Luis Mazzoni
DVD length: 69 min.
CD length: 70 min.
Price: 25 € (doesn’t include shipping and handling)

You can also download the DVD and accompanying CD, directly to your computer by purchasing on-line. The cost of both the CD and DVD is 15 €
* The transaction is made through Paypal, it is recommended to download it from a fast internet connection, because the file is large (850MB).