Sound Training for Professionals

A training aimed at all professionals who want to apply sound, as a complement or exclusively, into their profesional practice with the aim of expanding awareneness and health on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level, both for oneself as well as for their clients. We’ll work with (old and new) Tibetan bowls, the Healing Voice and other voice tecniques, Feng gongs, tingshas (cymbals), monochordes, movement, energetic consciousness, creativity and nature.

Three levels

The Techniques

  • Study of the essence of sound, the different tones the earth produces in the Universe 
  • Deep listening inside and outside oneself
  • Analysis of the characteristics, effects and applications of Tibetan bowls, gongs, monochord and tingshas in personal proceses
  • The voice as an instrument in proceses of healing and self-knowledge (Healing Voice and others)
  • Diagnostics
  • Energy Consciousness
  • Theory and practice of perception and communication

The Person

  • Personal development “education permanente”
  • Resonance with oneself, others, the instruments and on a bigger level
  • Professional and human attitude

Society and the planet

  • Sound as a tool for supporting personal, social and planetary change
  • Contact and cooperation with the forces of nature


Working method

Jacomina teaches how to assimilate the fundamental  principles of the sound techniques as base, then to enter into a process of developing and experimenting with  specific applications tailored to each participant. Based on the knowledge and experience of Jacomina, we create a circle from a spirit of sharing, mutual inspiration and support,  the wisdom of each. An innovative model of teaching and learning for the future. Unique in Spain!

It’s essential to have a profesional training, experience and prior knowledge of the tecnique given in the Initiation and Advances Workshops (Level I and II) of Jacomina, an interview with her and to have at least 1 bowl of good quality.


Sound Training for Professionalss


  • Project definition of each participant
  • Deepening and Broadening playing techniques and use personal and professional bowls, Feng gongs and the crótalos (tingsha’s)
  • Research characteristics and specific effects of each bowl,
  • Dissolving and harmonizing the aura, the chakras and meridians
  • Deepening the use of voice as an instrument of healing: breathing techniques, direction of vibration, tone effects, vocals,
  • Perception and diagnostic techniques through sound
  • Energy Consciousness
  • Organization of the session and the workspace
  • Practices withf professional applications of all instruments in the professional field of each in combination with the profesional tools or tecniques of every participant
  • Introduction to the use of sound to rituals and to support global changes positively
  • Optional practice with giving concerts
  • Biodinámica in combination with sound-work

Máximum 12 people
To enter in the training it’s essential to have the  previous knowledge of Initiation (Level I) and Advanced Workshop (Nivel II)  with Jacomina and to have at least 1 good bowl.
As a preparation to the training there will be previous interview with Jacomina.