Sound workshops and personal Growth

Initiation Workshops (Level I) and Deepening (Level II) are focused on the use of the sound of Tibetan bowls, gongs Feng, the tingshas and voice, to initiate or accompany processes of self-help and personal growth the participants themselves.
They also offer tools for professionals to experience the effects of the various applications of sound in themselves, and to practice and investigate before integrating them sound in their professional field.

Begginer Workshop (Level I)

Workshop Contents:

  • Election, cleaning and basic techniques for using Tibetan bowls with yourself or bystanders. He works alone and / or as a couple.
  • Opening the hearing, the body and all our being to new ways of listening
  • Using voice stress release, self-healing, communication, play and relaxation, and to find the personal tone of each
  • Fusion of the voice with the sounds and vibrations of the bowls, the group and the nature, the essence of practicing and listening

This workshop is offered in the following ways:

  • by Jacomina Kistemaker in Punta Couso and elsewhere in Spain and abroad
  • by persons authorized to give workshops Jacomina Level I

This workshop gives way to shop Profundizacón (Level II), thematic workshops and, after an interview, the Sound Training for Professionals.


Advanced Workshops (Level II A and B)

Workshop Content Level IIA

  • Deepening bowls applications and voice (Level II A)
  • Introduction to the use of tingshas (rattlesnakes) (Level II A)

Workshop Content Level IIB

  • Deepening bowls applications, voice and tingshas (Level II B)
  • Energy Awareness (Level II B)
  • Introduction to the use of gongs Feng (Level II B)

Jacomina offer this workshop in two ways:

  • Punta Couso, a long workshop (A + B)
  • elsewhere, two short workshops weekend

In neither necessary workshops prior musical knowledge